The State Park Ilha Anchieta (PEIA) protects the second largest island of the North Coast of the state of São Paulo, created in 1977 the conservation unit contributes to the protection of the natural and cultural resources of the island Anchieta and since then who wins with that are us that we like to enjoy the beauties of the place.

With 828 hectares of area and seven pristine beaches contrasting with the green of the Atlantic forest, on Anchieta island you can go hiking, diving, discover the ruins and history of the prison or simply relax on the sands of its beaches.

For those who like history, Anchieta Island was once shelter and housing for Indians, caiçaras and was marked by a great rebellion during the period of operation of the prison.


The tour starts with boarding at the Saco da Ribeira pier, an important nautical center in the city of Ubatuba.

We will sail for approximately 30 minutes, contemplating the natural beauties of the beaches and mountains that make the route even more beautiful and pleasant.

Upon landing on the island, the first place to visit is the Visitors Center, where the history, geography and ecology of the island are presented to visitors.

The next point to be visited are the ruins of the old prison, which ran from 1908 to 1955, housing prisoners of all kinds.

In 1952, a great rebellion generated panic and terror in the island, causing the death of many prisoners; in 1955, the prison ceased its activities and the prisoners were transferred to other prisons in the region.

During the tour, the visitor will still have the option of practicing recreational diving, trekking or simply relaxing and enjoying the beach.

To do during the tour

Meet the Visitors Center of the park
Visit the ruins of the prison
Walk the trails in the Atlantic Forest
Practice recreational diving
To know the beaches of the island and:
Discover, Breathe, Relax, Feel And Live
The magic of the island.

Tips Complementaries

Footwear for hiking trails
Bath towel
Change of clothes dry

27 September

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1:00 P.M
Transfer by highway

Boarding point: Hotel reception
Be at the boarding place 15 minutes in advance.

1:30 P.M
Boat trip
Crossing to the island

Departure from the hotel towards the local port then start our cruise to Anchieta Island.

2:00 P.M
Ilha Anchieta
Arrival on the island

Disembark at Anchieta Island and beginning of our activities.

14:15 P.M
Time to see the island

Choose the activity you want to do, walk in the woods, know the history of the island and the old prison, dive or simply relax and enjoy a beach.

5:00 P.M
Boat return transfer
Boarding and return to mainland

Time to head back to the mainland enjoying the amazing sunset view.

5:30 P.M
Transfer to hotel
Return transfer by highway

Time to get back on the road and back to the hotel.

See where Anchieta Island is

A paradise in the Atlantic Ocean


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With great pleasure, we have received the invitation to be your host during your stay in our city.

We prepared a special itinerary to one of the main attractions of Ubatuba, the Anchieta Island State Park.

The island is undoubtedly one of our best postcards that brings together nature, history and ecology with such diversity of colors and shapes.

Come and visit us, it will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you.

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